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The Auckland Project

The Auckland Project has the regeneration of Bishop Auckland and its community at its heart. This means that social regeneration is valued just as deeply as economic. The work is ultimately about people - trying to help people in a genuine and reciprocal relationship.

Children carrying lanterns at the Crook Winter Light Parade

Jack Drum Arts

Extraordinary things happen in Crook, the market town where a carnival spirit needs little excuse to burst forth. Through creative projects, Jack Drum Arts has helped to lift people’s spirits while offering experiences and opportunities which wouldn’t otherwise be available to them.

Children dancing.

The Forge

A county’s cultural wellbeing can’t be gauged only by its flashy visitor attractions. Here, executive director Tony Harrington and creative producer Bev Briggs of The Forge talk about their work with schools and communities to inspire young people to become successful, confident individuals capable of reaching their full potential through contemporary participatory arts projects.

Photograph of Sally Dixon wearing a woolly purple hat

Sally Dixon on culture and heritage in County Durham

Sally Dixon, assistant director partnerships and communications at Beamish Museum, talks about her role and the importance of culture to the county.

Photograph of Tony Harrington

Welcome to Culture Durham’s new website

Welcome to Culture Durham’s first blog post on its new website. I’m Tony Harrington, Chair of Culture Durham, and along with others involved in the cultural sector across County Durham, I will be contributing to the blog, as we present and celebrate the cultural landscape of this remarkable county.